For the chemical industry,
we’re the ultimate catalyst for logistics success

ChemLogix, a division of CLX Logistics, is the industry leader in best-in-class chemical logistics. We know what it takes to navigate worldwide logistics in one of the most complex and challenging environments. Our deep expertise in managing that unique environment—from regulatory pressures to safety and security concerns—positions us to seamlessly translate our logistics knowledge to any industry for exceptional outcomes, risk reduction and cost savings.

Our deep expertise within the chemical industry spans many services:

We are proud to have achieved the following accolades:

ICIS Chemical Business includes ChemLogix in the Top 50 Chemical Industry 3PLs, 2012
Inbound Logistics includes ChemLogix in its list of the Top 100 #PL Providers, 2011
ChemLogix is named in Top 50 for Global 3PLs Award, 2011

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Opportunities for optimization

A hallmark of ChemLogix is an unwavering dedication to solving the logistics challenges of the chemical industry. Our ChemLogix team and solutions are focused solely on the chemical world, helping companies to find better, more efficient ways to streamline and optimize their logistics networks. ChemLogix provides strategy and solutions that address the chemical industry, including:

  • Detailed analysis of freight rates to determine potential savings
  • Benchmarking industry standard rates to provide the necessary leverage to renegotiate rates
  • Seamless integration with existing resources (either internally or externally developed)
  • Real-time visibility into all transportation modes, ensuring detailed tracking of every load
  • Global insight and positioning for international transportation
  • Compliance with safety and environmental regulations, from Responsible Care codes to internal policy enforcement
  • Streamlined intermodal transportation and rail fleet management
  • TMS technology to automate transportation planning and execution
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting for every load, ensuring improved supply chain and asset management

Combining best-in-class TMS technology with our industry-leading suite of transportation management services, the ChemLogix solution set addresses the full range of supply chain needs to drive measurable, sustainable business value.

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