ChemLogix is our industry-recognized chemical 3PL division and the origin of CLX Logistics. With our extensive experience in chemical logistics, we are trusted by chemical companies around the world to build and deliver transportation solutions that meet their unique regulatory pressures and safety and security concerns.

For chemical companies looking to outsource some or all of their logistics functions, we have the expertise and capabilities necessary to get your hazardous liquids or solid chemical substances to their destination safely and on time. Using the CLX Flexible Engagement MethodologyTM, we tap into our 3PL product suite for solutions proven to increase performance and reduce costs. At ChemLogix, we are always innovating to help shippers and manufactures succeed.

How We Serve the Chemical Sector

With a unique set of regulatory and security concerns, chemical logistics requires a careful mix of expertise, solutions, management and tracking. At ChemLogix, we have gained the trust of leading chemical manufacturers and shippers.

  • Supply chain visibility for insight at every stage of the shipping process
  • Transportation management system for robust reporting and intelligence
  • Active participation in supply chain issues by multiple shipper departments
  • Current intelligence of the transportation marketing and chemical market
  • Strong carrier relationships through transparency and communication

Benefits for Chemical Shippers & Manufacturers

  • Detailed analysis of freight rates to determine savings
  • Benchmarking industry standard rates for renegotiation
  • Seamless integration with existing resources
  • Real-time visibility into all transportation modes
  • Global insight and positioning for international transportation
  • Compliance with safety and environmental regulations
  • Streamlined intermodal transportation and rail fleet management
  • TMS technology to automate transportation planning and execution
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting for every load

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