Optimizing supply chains with people, process and technology since the 1990’s.

CLX Logistics is a global provider of transportation management, technology, and supply chain consulting services. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with additional offices in Chicago and Eindhoven, we offer a superior combination of technologies, flexible solutions and a high-touch approach to solving logistics challenges.

Since the 1990’s, CLX Logistics has focused on a simple and results-driven mission: To Create True, Sustainable Economic Value for Our Clients. From multi-modes to heavy haul, we increase performance and reduce costs for our clients by turning even the most complex challenges into performance-drivers. We thrive on solving challenges that other providers tend to avoid– the more challenging your needs are, the better we are at handling them!

Whether our clients need a fully-integrated package or a single-service solution, our logistics experts will recommend and build a service offering that benefits the bottom-line. Reliability and efficiency are at the forefront of everything we do, which is why our clients feel confident trusting us with any and all of their logistics needs. See our client testimonials.

  • On-Demand Global TMS

    Our TMS is the only true On-Demand Global SaaS TMS deployed across all modes of transportation in all global regions. ROI starts at go-live, resulting in positive cash-flow in only 1 to 4 months. The system offers the potential to recoup the cost of the TMS within 12 months and provides real-time visibility into your entire global supply chain. Learn more >

  • Supply Chain Consulting

    Discover how our consultants will optimize your supply chain with baseline and benchmarking, economics of change and implementation planning. Our team follows international standards such as the GHG Protocol to lessen the environmental impact of your operations, and increase your business benefits. Learn more >

  • Intermodal Transportation

    Coordinate multiple modes of door-to-door transportation, including sea, rail and truck for a timely, cost effective solution. CLX Logistics has a large fleet of specially-built, light weight ISO tanks containers and chassis’ to serve all of North America, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Learn more >

  • International Logistics

    Our global fluency and international presence simplifies international shipping using ocean or air freight. Shipments of any volume can find a suitable place with one of our transportation partners without sacrificing reasonable rates or timeliness. Learn more >

  • Freight Audit Services & Payment

    CLX Logistics has the easiest to use exception portal in the industry, and will ensure higher accuracy and tighter payment tolerances for guaranteed cost reduction. Learn more >

  • Freight Procurement – Bids and Benchmark

    Establish baseline measurements for transportation costs, service levels, reliability and flexibility to compare your transportation costs with competitors. Our comparative analysis and benchmarking report is offered for all modes of transport, and is recognized by Gartner and LLamasoft. Learn more >

  • Network Optimization

    Evaluate supply chain efficiency and effectiveness by defining scope and measures, developing a baseline and applying analytics and adaptation. This methodology enables us to make adjustments that can deliver significant efficiencies, cost savings, and transportation optimization. Learn more >

  • Capacity Management

    With a database of thousands of pre-qualified carriers to choose from, and unique software solutions, CLX Logistics has developed advanced systems to coordinate, manage, and track your shipments safely and affordably. Learn more >

  • Rail Fleet Management

    Our rail management services help improve fleet utilization and reduce overall operating costs while ensuring continuous rail fleet performance improvement with proactive management reporting. Learn more >

  • Parcel Solutions

    Leveraging our state-of-the-art on-demand global TMS, we effectively manage air, sea, rail and road requirements for parcel deliveries on a local, national, regional or global scale. Learn more >

Your business poses individual challenges and opportunities for building a sustainable supply chain. Combining your marketplace expertise with our logistics-savvy, together we utilize our Flexible Engagement Strategy to build a customized logistics solution that meets your corporate goals – on time and on budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and flexible approach to logistics management. As your supply chain partner, we’ll make sure you are always miles ahead of the competition.