Supply Chain Consulting that Boosts Performance and Your Bottom-Line

Supply chain optimization is critical to combatting today’s irresolute economy, global regulations, capacity limitations and customer demands. Drive your supply chain performance up and keep costs down by leveraging our global industry knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and best practices.

Our supply chain consultants are among the most experienced and pragmatic professionals in the industry, with demonstrated success improving supply chains of companies in all parts of the world.

CLX specializes in global supply chain optimization, helping clients achieve a balance of reliable service and maximum efficiency throughout their supply chain structure. With years of consulting expertise with modern technologies, we uncover cost-savings opportunities and identify ways to maximize performance, profitability and customer satisfaction. A valuable exercise that no supply chain should be without, our consulting services include a comprehensive analysis of your supply chain’s operational structure, followed by our expert recommendations, seamless integration and support. Bringing together your company’s leaders and front-lines staff, we leave no stone unturned, to ensure your supply chain is performing at the highest level, from start to finish.

The supply chain consulting capabilities at CLX include:

  • Strategic Design

    Logistics Strategy & Networks

    Our consultants will optimize your supply chain to achieve an optimal balance of service, efficiency, flexibility, transparency and sustainability. We will map and assess your processes, locations, suppliers, customers and stakeholders with current market demands and your competitors’ strategies to develop a supply chain approach that delivers – on-time, every-time.

    Sourcing & Procurement

    Implement a custom sourcing strategy that aligns with your strategic corporate goals. We will help you make the right choices when it comes to managing suppliers, whether centralized or local, with proper controls in place. Our sourcing strategy, combined with our streamlined policies and procurement dashboards, will take your company’s procurement functions to the next level.

    Green Logistics

    Following international standards, such as the GHG Protocol, our consultants deliver a sustainable supply chain that reduces the environmental impact of your operation. CLX Logistics will enable you to deliver reports to your stakeholders illustrating the ways you have reduced your supply chain’s carbon footprint, decreased your environmental impact and achieved cost-savings.

  • Tactical Optimization

    Best Practices & Operational Excellence

    Meeting corporate objectives begins with supply chain excellence. Using our problem-solving analysis, we increase process efficiency, quality, and eliminate superfluous activities to reduce costs. These improvements align your processes with strategic priorities, so that your company can achieve its incremental and big-picture growth goals.


    Our transport cost and benchmarking specialists will provide you with invaluable insight by identifying your market position against your competitors – in trade-lanes or international markets. Our Benchmark database contains in excess of EUR 4.1 billion contracted transportation expenditure. Recognized by Gartner and LLamasoft and our 100+ clients, our best-in-class benchmarking process offers:

    • Like-for-like comparison of contracted transportation rates with other multinational shippers
    • Global Benchmark coverage on various transportation commodities
    • Reports within three weeks after data sharing

    Outsourcing & Tendering

    When done properly, outsourcing your logistics activities to a specialized service provider can result in substantial cost savings and superior delivery performance. Whether your needs are global or regional, our consultants will identify the best logistics partner for your company’s needs.

  • Operational Support

    Cost & Performance Management

    CLX Logistics offers a detailed assessment of your critical Supply Chain Performance Indicators combined with a web-based platform that delivers visibility and control.

    • Performance dashboard: operational performance of all warehouse locations (owned and/or outsourced) on uniform targets
    • Logistics costs dashboard: insight into costs for each element of the supply chain on a product and/or customer level
    • Logistics complaints & claims management platform: registers logistics-related complaints including management of the resolution process
    • Savings tracker: provides a financial overview of the actual savings achieved by previous projects

    Scan & Diagnose

    Compare your supply chain with industry or sector best practices. Our scan and diagnose service will uncover qualitative and quantitative improvement areas that we will recommended in combination with a roadmap for implementation.

    For the unexpected times when your company is challenged with unmanageable workloads, lack of management or functional skills, culture change or business turnaround – look to CLX Logistics. Our expertise is available to companies both large and small, as a flexible management resource designed to bridge temporary gaps.

    Training & Interim Support

    For the unexpected times when your company is challenged with unmanageable workloads, lack of management or functional skills, culture change or business turnaround – look to CLX Logistics. Our expertise is available to companies both large and small, as a flexible management resource designed to bridge temporary gaps.

Key benefits of CLX supply chain consulting include:

  • Optimization of trade-offs such as service, revenue, cost and asset return
  • Profitable improvements based on performance baseline and benchmarks
  • Performance-driven segmentation of aggregate supply chains
  • Reduced carbon footprint with sustainable operations
  • Balanced service and efficiency within your supply chain structure
  • Significant cost and time savings through flexibility and transparency

Improve your supply chain performance today.

consulting flow chart

Green logistics for even greener benefits

Following international standards such as the GHG Protocol, our consultants work to deliver a more sustainable supply chain to lessen the environmental impact of your operations, and increase your business benefits. Start benefiting today with the ability to report to all stakeholders that you were able to reduce your supply chain carbon footprint and decrease your environmental impact through cost-effective measures.

Contact us to optimize your supply chain.