The smart way to take your modes to market: benchmarking and bids

With more than 15 years of experience establishing benchmarks in logistics and supply chain management, we know how important it is to measure your transportation spend and performance against the competition. Our Gartner recognized procedure for supply chain benchmarking across all modes, including for chemical transport such as Liquid Bulk, evaluates how your transportation costs, carrier service levels, reliability and flexibility stack up against your competition and other available options.

The market is currently in the shippers favor – it’s the best time to take your modes to market and lock in the best prices.

Our best-in-class supply chain benchmarking data and bid tools create a competitive environment for carriers, enabling us to generate the best possible shipping costs for you. Demonstrated by our supply chain benchmarking metrics, our process generates savings much faster than conventional transportation bid processes – delivering reports and results in just weeks!

Highlights of taking your business to market with us:

  • More than $7BB in freight and 5MM shipments running through our system
  • Feel confident knowing that our services are Gartner and LLamasoft recognized
  • Receive a benchmark logistics report within 2 – 4 weeks
  • It’s a win-win scenario with savings or assurances
  • We understand the nuances of the chemical industry better than any other provider

Our logistics benchmarking process utilizes an extensive rate database and automated RFQ tool to benchmark current rates against best-in-class shippers prior to placing online carrier bids. Once the web-based freight auction bidding is complete, we determine the best carrier mix and savings based on service levels, capacity commitments and rates. This simplified process for benchmarking in supply chain management can reduce your operational costs and create significant savings in bulk, truckload, LTL, rail, intermodal and international shipment modes.


Gartner Report – Exploit Benchmarking Services to Help Calibrate Logistics Costs and Performance

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