ISO Tank Capacity Guide

Our intermodal shipping containers specialize in bulk ISO tanks and our large fleet is ready to transport your bulk liquid chemicals. We provide this intermodal transportation solution from the shipper’s plant to the consignee—with comprehensive tracking and monitoring—all on a single bill of lading. As the leader in global chemical supply chain management, CLX Logistics knows what it takes to safely transport large quantities of liquid chemical products. Our global fluency and international presence enable us to optimize the transportation of chemical products and compositions to locations around the world quickly and safely. With extensive international transportation management and logistics experience and state-of-the-art strategies and equipment, we simplify processes, enhance supply chain efficiency, and reduce costs for our partners. To help our customers, we have created an ISO Tank Capacity Guide to help with your Intermodal needs.

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Guide: Effective Chemical Freight Procurement, Bidding, and Benchmarking

One of the most efficient ways to optimize a chemical supply chain logistics strategy from top to bottom is through proper planning, analysis, and smart decision-making in the procurement, bidding, and benchmarking process. With this guide, we look at the major steps involved, offer key insights from the experts at CLX Logistics, and help you enhance the efficiency of your supply chains while reducing spend.

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Your Guide to HAZMAT Classes in Transportation

The transportation of chemicals comes with significant financial, environmental, and health-related risks. That’s why the US and other countries have robust laws and regulations in place to ensure proper safety precautions and regulations are strictly followed. Around the world, hazardous materials regulations change frequently, and experienced 4PLs have to be diligent about staying up to date on those changes. Our Infographic: Achieve Chemical Compliance Quickly & Effectively  is an excellent resource for chemical manufacturers to learn how to keep up!

It’s critical for chemical manufacturers to partner with a 4PL that specializes in, understands, and complies with the regulations and responsibilities set by the federal government. Today, we’re going back to the basics with a quick look at the various types of HAZMAT Classes defined by the FMCSA.

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Strengthening Supply Chain Performance During Divestiture

When companies increase focus and resources on core capabilities to improve their service offerings and increase shareholder value, divestitures can often occur as a result. Divestitures are major transitions that impact all areas of a business, including supply chain reliability and efficiency.

With today’s increased regulations, unstable market conditions, and capacity concerns affecting shippers, it can be challenging for a newly divested company to sustain supply chain performance.

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CLX Logistics Named a Top 100 3PL Provider for the Seventh Year by Inbound Logistics

Blue Bell, PA, August 20, 2020 – CLX Logistics, LLC (CLX), a global 3PL and 4PL provider of chemical transportation management systems, supply chain consulting, and intermodal transportation services, announced today that it has been named a Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider for 2020 by Inbound Logistics. This marks the seventh year that CLX has been recognized with this award.

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Get More From Your Chemical Logistics Program

With more challenges, regulations, and options than ever before, chemical manufacturers struggle to maintain their global chemical logistics operations at maximum efficiency without increasing costs. Suppose you need to transport your products by rail across the country, where they’re then dispersed to a variety of different customers in different states throughout the region. How do you keep track of appointments, carriers, and loading sites for all of your shipments and ensure each customer is taken care of?

Most companies that specialize in chemical manufacturing don’t have decades of experience in developing chemical transportation and supply chain strategies. So finding the right partner is critical to ensuring smooth operations and avoiding rising costs.

In our case study, Optimizing Chemical Transportation Logistics, we look at the goals of an industry-leading chemical producer and explore the steps CLX Logistics took to help achieve them.

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TMS Strategy in Volatile Times: Where You Should Be & How to Get There

By Mike Skinner, VP, CLX Logistics

We’re currently in one of the most volatile freight markets in the past 20 years. 2018 was brutal for shippers with the demand/supply equation heavily favoring carriers. 2019 brought a dramatic swing back in favor of shippers as capacity loosened. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, dry van capacity was at a premium. As of this writing, carriers are actively looking to deploy idle trucks. By early 2021 as the economy rebounds and carriers have departed a depressed market, under-prepared shippers will again have trouble getting loads covered.

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Outsourcing Tank Truck Logistics for Optimal Results

Chemical manufacturers and suppliers around the world face a sea of choices when it comes to shipping carriers. Rather than reading countless lists and guides of all the things you can do to navigate your carrier options, why not let the experts take care of it for you?

By outsourcing your tank truck logistics to the right partner, you achieve faster route optimization, more efficient service for your customers, and more value for your time and money. In this blog, we’re looking at the support structures and benefits that come from outsourcing tank truck logistics to the right provider.

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7 Ways to Control Transportation Spend

For chemical logistics practitioners, 2020 is proving to be an especially interesting year for managing transportation spend, performance, and market capacity. The global challenges introduced by the spread of COVID-19, including shutdowns, workplace adjustments, and political and social tensions, demand that logistics experts are more flexible and knowledgeable than ever before. With the right global chemical logistics strategies, the right 4PL partner can find effective solutions that keep your shipping lanes fully functional without breaking the bank.

In this blog, we’re exploring 7 ways chemical logistics practitioners can keep their transportation spend under control. 

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Rail transport service update: Norfolk Southern & BNSF

As the fallout from COVID-19 continues to dominate the transportation landscape, CLX Logistics remains focused on the health and well being of our employees while maintaining full operational support to our customers. Our employees continue to operate from home with a limited number of employees voluntarily working in the office now that Southeastern Pennsylvania has moved to a yellow phase. Utilizing our technological capabilities and state-of-the-art systems we continue to be able to focus all of our attention on monitoring supply chains and effectively keeping all shipments moving as needed.

As detailed last month, our Rail Fleet Management and Operations department in the Global Transport division has continued to find success in the new work environment. With rail transportation volumes remaining steady in comparison to other modes of transportation, we have seen little change in how we operate.

We remain in constant contact with customers and railroads to stay up to date on the latest information available and sharing it with you here. Today’s entry covers updates for two more large rail operators in North America: Norfolk Southern and BNSF.

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