What our clients are saying

Our clients include Logistics Operations Leads and Logistics Service Managers, Supply Chain Managers and Sales Leads from large and small organizations worldwide across a variety of industries, including chemical, energy, manufacturing, retail and agriculture. We take pride in partnering closely with our clients so that we can go above and beyond to meet their needs every time.



“We chose CLX Logistics to support our transportation operations due to the functionality of their TMS, ability to process ocean and rule H rail invoices as well as their reputation in the chemical industry. For the past 15 years, benchmark studies (performed by CLX Logistics) have been very helpful in analyzing transportation spend while providing insights on how to reduce costs.” — Casey A., Logistics Manager

“After reviewing 15 companies (to support our global logistics operations), we chose CLX Logistics as they offered the flexibility to implement a (TMS) solution on our time schedule and could phase in operations and continue to support us as we expanded. They have supported our global operations for over 8 years now. CLX Logistics has had a very positive impact on our operations. As a global company, we have expanded the use of CLX tools, gained visibility into our freight costs and shipments, reduced transportation costs and continue to discover new process that improve visibility and shipment status in meeting our global goals and delivering products to customers on time.” — Jimmie H., Head of Logistics Operations

“CLX Logistics has had two major positive impacts on our global business. On the operations side, the company helped ease our processes, allowing users to process more data and shipments daily with less constraint. As we grow each year, CLX Logistics supports our recurring transformation with TMS applications that help us structure our organization as well as new procedures and ways of work with our transportation operations. CLX Logistics offers the best service and a (TMS) application that is easy to understand and manage our shipments. While having used TMS for over three years now, we continue to discover new opportunities in working differently and improving our processes. In fact, since using the application, there isn’t a day or month when we haven’t discovered opportunities for new improvements and new ways of working.” — Lionel R, Logistics Services

“We choose CLX Logistics for our TMS upgrade based on the user friendliness and functionality of the tool as well as their project proposal. Once implemented, the TMS enabled us to reallocate resources and make better use of their time in our operations. CLX Logistics was very involved and engaged through our TMS upgrade and became a part of our team as we had a short timeline for system implementation. We continue to count on CLX Logistics for support with questions, new implementations and new processes.” “I would recommend CLX Logistics to other potential clients for their dedication, hard work and knowledge of the transportation industry and supply chain operations. The company has a vision of the future and keeps moving forward with the industry.” — Patrice G. Manager of Supply Chain Services

“CLX Logistics is not only a critical partner in regards to our commercial activities related to the Transportation Management Solution, but as an implementation partner. With implementation experience focused on transportation expertise, logistics professionals and their needs as well as applying the technology to those needs, CLX Logistics satisfies and delivers the ROI that customers demand. CLX Logistics has a proven track record of successful deployments and implementations. CLX Logistics brings the service and expertise that helps build the success through implementation, go live and ongoing support.” — Walter Heil, Worldwide Sales Lead, IBM Supply Chain Products