The Only Globally Deployed On-Demand SaaS-TMS: All Regions, All Modes

Moving freight through your domestic and international networks can account for a majority of your total logistics costs. Ensure it is done right: execute to plan, optimize service and cost, manage by exception and dashboard your results.

CLX stands alone in the industry in delivering on-demand SaaS transportation management solutions across all modes of transportation and in all global regions.

Offering transportation logistics technology with superior planning capabilities atop a fully integrated global carrier network, CLX enables world-class transportation solutions with plug-and-play speed and efficiency. CLX’s world-class deployment methodology ensures on-time projects that deliver ROI at go-live – offering positive cash-flow in one to four months and full cost recovery well within one year. The fully integrated CLX TMS logistics carrier network provides real-time visibility into your entire global and domestic supply chain and delivers planning and execution capabilities across your road, rail, ocean, air and intermodal transportation networks.

The global capabilities of CLX freight solutions can help you:

  • Optimize networks for load planning, contracts and route guides
  • Solve capacity management issues for all freight flows
  • Resolve specialty equipment and product compatibility challenges
  • Automate freight payment processing, booking, visibility and alerts
  • Execute carrier agreements and dashboard logistics carrier compliance and cost metrics
  • Gain supply chain visibility across all regions and facilities
  • Ensure compliance of stringent regional and global regulations
  • Centralize information to improve workflows and lower administrative costs
  • Continuously identify savings and improvements after go-live

Key logistics carrier and shipper benefits of CLX TMS include:

  • Significant freight cost reductions by consolidating loads and maximizing modes, routes and assets
  • Lower freight rates associated with carrier activity, compliance and performance reports
  • A competitive supply chain infrastructure with end-to-end logistics management services
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies by automating the transport management system processes
  • Access to a world-class integrated global platform, transportation database and carrier network

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Use the CLX On-Demand Global TMS-Plus to streamline day-to-day road, rail and ocean transportation operations, helping you:

  • REDUCE FREIGHT COSTS by consolidating loads, fine-tuning route guides, and mode selection, and planning continuous moves to maximize transportation asset utilization
  • DRIVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES by automating the transport management system processes
  • LOWER FREIGHT RATES through detailed reporting on carrier activities, compliance and performance
  • PROVIDE PROACTIVE VISIBILITY TO YOUR ENTIRE TRANSPORTATION OPERATIONS plant by plant and across all regions for real-time load status, carrier performance, non-conformance alerts and reports
  • COLLECT ACCURATE HISTORICAL DATA that can be leveraged in reports, KPI’s and performance dashboards
  • IMPROVE WORKFLOW by tendering loads, communicating with carriers and reconciling freight invoices electronically/automatically: no more  phones, emails or faxes

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