Beneficial bids and benchmark

In today’s market, understanding where your performance stands against the competition is critical. CLX will help you establish baseline measurements for transportation costs, service levels, reliability and flexibility to compare with best-in-class competitors.

Our comparative analysis service enables clients to compare their transport rates with a peer group and/or provide market intelligence on what transportation should cost in the current market. We offer benchmarking for all modes of transport, including some dedicated chemical ones like Liquid Bulk transport.

  • A benchmark report will be delivered and presented to you within 2-4 weeks after data provision
  • Our Benchmarking service is recognized by Gartner and LLamasoft

We use an extensive rate database and automated RFQ tool to benchmark current rates against best-in-class shippers prior to placing online carrier bids. This process generates savings much faster than conventional transportation bids processes. Supply Chain procurement will lead to a reduction of operational cost since the process of procuring and allocation become simplified. Once the web-based freight auction bidding is complete, we determine the best carrier mix and savings based on service levels, capacity commitments and rates. The result is significant savings in bulk, truckload, LTL, rail, intermodal and international shipment modes.


Gartner Report – Exploit Benchmarking Services to Help Calibrate Logistics Costs and Performance

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